Research / Experience / Interface Telus
Work completed at Heist.

As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, Telus provides mobile and cable services to over 13.9 million customers. As a part of the Heist team, I worked alongside our Telus colleagues as an on-site consultant and collaborator to deliver on their promise; the future is friendly.

Our team was responsible for the redesign of integral website components such as online customer accounts, customer help, global roaming management and the Telus forum. Working in an Agile environment, each sprint allowed for exhaustive research, access to data and statistics, explorative and iterative design cycles, and extensive user testing and accumulation of qualitative data.

Functioning as a multi-faceted, integrated team, we were skilled in: the practice of building complex design files with shared assets for multiple designers; maintaining evolving prototypes, and methods of capturing and implementing feedback from user testing. Our team focused on the standardization of our processes, using collective technical learnings to constantly optimize resulting in the design of a highly functional, responsive website.

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