I’m Russ Goodman;
an Australian designer
living abroad.

I’m Russ Goodman; an Australian designer living abroad. I'm creating highly considered interfaces, experiences and identities.

I co-founded Tonne Gramme; a multidisciplinary design studio in Perth, Western Australia. We produced a broad range of work for art galleries, music festivals, bars, and an assortment of equally exciting and less conventional endeavours.

Upon moving to Toronto, I joined the team at Heist Data + Design as a Senior Product Designer. We worked with Telus on redesigning their online customer accounts, help, global roaming management and community support to deliver on their promise; the future is friendly.

I was among a team that researched and explored the banking needs of digitally native customers and the opportunities in mobile financial tech. Our report, Designing the Smart Bank, was widely praised and discussed. Our exploration of opportunities for innovation led to a great deal of coverage from industry leaders.

More recently, as the Digital Art Director at Totem, I led the design of Make Ready, a new digital publication from The Alpine Review and friends.

You can see some other work I've done on my previous website.