Research / Experience / Interface Designing the Smart Bank
Work completed at Heist.

Our team was tasked with envisioning a future of banking that better met the needs of a generation of digitally native customers. We went deep with research, interviewing people about their banking as well as industry leaders to understand the needs associated with managing finances and banking, and the frustrations and limitations with current technologies. The outcome was a case study looking at the state of banking, the unmet needs of customers, and an exploration of opportunities to make a better, smarter banking experience.

To meet these opportunities we designed interface components and animated fuller interface designs. This included a timeline of customer interactions with their money, better visualizations of financial status and performance, and management of budgets and guidance with savings goals. The report utilized a generic UI style that was colourised to match the section of the report and utilized an agnostic device style so as to avoid confusing our recommendations with a full functioning app.

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